January/08/2019 2.31 p.m.

I have found

All my hopes

İn Arafat,

I have seen

my future

İn Arafat,

The voice of my prophet,

The sound of the Earth

Told me that 

There will be

More peace,

More happiness,

More hopes

İn my fortune,

I have found

All I have lost

İn Arafat,

And suddenly

A feeling of mine said

That I dont' want


I only thank God

For my life,

For all

God gave me,

And then 

I have thanked for

All I have got

And I have done,

Time has witnessed

What I have lived

And what I have seen 


My soul has woken up,

My heart

Has got faster,

My mind~~

It is still in Arafat,

My sun rises there

And sets also there~~

Moon-light over Kaaba

Hit my soul

And stamped itself

İn my soul,

On my mind~~

I have found

And also left all in Arafat.....


Farah  (with all my heart)